Elemental Methods - Client Case Studies

Elemental Methods has worked with clients across a broad spectrum of industries.  Listed below are clients from the Research, Retail, and Travel-Related Services industries.  For each of these clients, Elemental Methods provided an unique solution for their business needs.


Angler Action

Welcome to the Angler Action Program. Logging and recording your trip and catch information not only builds valuable data for recreational fisheries, but also functions as a record of your own fishing activity. The program is designed to allow you to input as much data as you desire. The record is yours and may be reviewed and downloaded at any time. Fishing Trip questions were determined by collaboration between anglers and research partners. The data gathered is designed to build a better understanding of fish populations.

Trip and catch data logged in the iAngler app is synchronized with the Angler Action web portal (www.AnglerAction.org).

Angler Action data fills a critical need in fishery management by collecting data on released as well as harvested fish. We collect information on fish relative sizes, numbers and locations that is only available from anglers recording their fishing trips.


iAngler Tournament

The "iAngler Tournament" system is a comprehensive system for the operation and management of Fishing Tournaments. The system also collects vital angling data for marine research.  The "iAngler Tournament" mobile application allows anglers participating in registered fishing tournaments to log their catch data while still on the water.



cca florida star tournament

STAR Florida is a Catch & Photo tournament designed to educate the general public about the importance of conservation of Florida’s marine resources and all that Coastal Conservation Association Florida does to protect these resources.  The tournament runs from sunrise on Saturday, May 23, 2015, Memorial Day weekend to 5 p.m., September 7, 2015, Labor Day, offering participants a total of 108 fishing days.

Elemental Methods developed the web portal containing angler and administrative functions, and the mobile application (iOS and Android) used by the anglers to record and submit their catch information.

Joe Bay - App Icon 512x512.png

Joe Bay

(Florida INternational University and the National Park Service)

Joe Bay is one of Florida Bay’s main sources of freshwater. Closing it thirty years ago was key in helping the American crocodile recover from extinction. But the long-untouched Joe Bay, along with nearby Snag Bay, is now open to visitors on kayaks, canoes or paddle boards. The park’s first designated catch-and-release area, it also welcomes fishermen in search of snook, tarpon and more. Scientists in FIU’s Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC) are studying the effects of the decades-long closure and recreational fishing on Joe Bay’s fish and recreational fisheries. Led by Dr. Jennifer Rehage, an environmental studies professor in FIU’s Department of Earth and Environment, the research team is using a combination of techniques, including net hauls, snorkeling and baited remote underwater video (BRUV) surveys, to examine the size, species and number of fish in Joe Bay and nearby Little Madeira Bay and Long Sound.

Delving deeper into Joe Bay, the scientists are also surveying local anglers, fishing guides and visitors on their fishing catches and experiences. Visitors to Joe Bay can fill out paper surveys at Trout Creek or Mooring Pilings, take the survey online, or complete the survey using the mobile application developed by Elemental Methods. 


Tails n' Scales

(Mississippi Department of Marine Resources)

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) Tails n' Scales app is an electronic reporting system that will be used to record all Red Snapper landings in Mississippi. All captains or owners of recreational and for-hire vessels landing Red Snapper in Mississippi must report their catch.

The purpose of this electronic reporting system is to collect information on all recreational Red Snapper landings in Mississippi to provide fishery managers the best available data to ensure Mississippi anglers the most opportunities and greatest flexibility for fisheries harvest. 



iGHOFISH was created to serve as the record keeper for Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges' new "Fish for the Future" fishing tournament along with tournament and special fishing events at its Guy Harvey Outpost destinations. Using the software, tournament catches will automatically populate the foundation's database of over 130 inshore and offshore species.

Running thru 2015, the innovative 'Fish for the Future' tournament is open to anglers anywhere in the world, with various divisions and awards for twenty gamefish species. "With the iGHOFISH app we can now actually host a tournament with literally no limit on fishing boundaries, and in the process populate the foundations' database with valuable catch data,' noted Mark Ellert, President of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges.  

Chesapeake Catch - Final Logo 512x512.jpg

Chesapeake Catch

Chesapeake Catch is a project led by Maryland-area anglers to gather voluntary information from all anglers to better inform themselves and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in fisheries management decisions and policies.

Chesapeake Catch records information about Maryland’s most popular fish: rockfish (striped bass), redfish (red drum), speckled trout, croaker, yellow perch and shad. All other tidal and freshwater species, including invasives, can also be recorded. Anglers can record details and photos of their fish in a personal log, including information about species caught, time spent on the water, general area, and the length and catch-or-release disposition of each fish. The information collected by anglers voluntarily in the field will directly inform better management decisions and, in turn, conserve the resource and provide for a better fishing experience. 

Harte Research Institute Logo 3.jpg


HARTE RESEARCH INSTITUTE for Gulf of Mexico Studies

Elemental Methods is working with the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi in the development of iPhone and iPad apps, along with an associated website, for the purpose of collecting fisheries information from “For-Hire” and Headboat captains located along the Gulf Coast. The iPhone, iPad, and website applications collect species-specific data as required by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council and interfaces with the Bluefin Data Solutions data collection program to record catch information for the Gulf Logbook Program. The "iSnapper" project, funded by a research grant, is part of a larger study to determine the viability of recording catch information using smartphone and tablet technologies. 

NOAA logo - white.png

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS 

Elemental Methods developed a tablet application for the monitoring of commercial fishing catches in the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast Atlantic Ocean. The tablet application allows NMFS observers to enter and transmit data while at-sea from fishing vessels using either an existing vessel monitoring system (VMS) or satellite transmission. The data collected is being used by the NMFS Panama City Lab in research relevant to the formulation of rational plans to manage the marine

fishery resources of the U.S. South Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. In 2015, Elemental Methods was selected to update the application to include additional NMFS observer programs, including the research laboratories in Galveston, Tx and Miami, Fl. 

EM - The Airport Valet icon.png

The Airport Valet

The Airport Valet is a full-service provider of parking services to business and casual travelers at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. Using a web-based, custom-developed application system, travelers can make reservations for the personalized pickup, storage, and delivery of their vehicle while traveling. Additional services, ranging from car washes to car repair, can also be requested via the application system. The smartphone apps, developed by Elemental Methods, allow The Airport Valet to place the full functionality of their systems in the hands of their customers via iPhone, Android, BlackBerry smartphones.


Glory House

The Elemental Methods team worked with Glory House Catering, Reception, and Bistro to develop an iPhone App to showcase the company’s service lines. The iPhone App, deployed as one element of a multi-faceted marketing campaign, is targeted at Event Coordinators, Wedding Planners, and Bistro clients. The App serves as a permanent brochure for Glory House, providing regularly updated information on the facilities, services, events, and menus. 

Impact icon - 512x512.png

The Impact Movement

"The Impact Movement" is a movement of Christ followers committed to making an impact on their community and the world. They engage college students and marketplace professionals. They exist to serve and work in cooperation with and in support of the African American church with programs that include college chapters, summer mission trips in the U.S. and Africa, and a national network of those engaged in youth and young adult ministry.

The Impact Movement iOS and Android apps allow the ministry to stay in contact with its community throughout the year.  The apps include information and tools for campus chapters, along with audio and video content from organization events.  App users are constantly updated on new activities, missions, and opportunities to participate in ministry programs around the world.

Alpha Logo 512x512.png

Omega Environmental Technologies

 Omega Environmental Technologies Company is a leading U.S. distributor of aftermarket automotive truck and off-road air conditioning products. We carry a complete line of compressors, evaporators, condensers, expansion valves and accumulators. In addition we have the components for rebuilding compressors. Included in our inventory are reels of hose and hose assemblies. 

The “Alpha Omega - VIN Barcode Scan” app allows you to scan a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) barcode using your iPhone or Android smartphone, and links directly to Omega's vehicle application guide. This provides instant access to accurate vehicle parts information including price and availability (if you are logged in as a registered user), as well as giving you the ability to order parts directly from your smartphone, while you are standing in front of your vehicle. Use our overnight delivery program, and Omega can efficiently deliver the right parts for your vehicle while the hood is still up.

Action Air icon 512x512.png

Action Air

Action Air is Dallas’ newest and largest automotive aftermarket superstore, featuring more than $10 million in mobile A/C parts, systems, tools and supplies.

The “Action Air - Vin Barcode Scan” app allows you to scan a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) barcode using your Android smartphone, and links directly to Action Air's vehicle application guide. This provides instant access to accurate vehicle parts information including price and availability, as well as giving you the ability to order parts directly from your Android device, while you are standing in front of your vehicle.

Woundometer Icon 1.png

Medical Health Management

A growing segment of the American public is, or soon will be, providing care for aging relatives. Elemental Methods is partnering with firms to explore and develop solutions to assist small businesses and individuals in providing care to others. Mobile technology and wearable technology will be integral to addressing these needs.

Elemental Methods partnered with Medica Health Management, a provider of home and hospice nursing services, to develop a mobile app allowing caregivers to document the treatment of open wounds. The mobile app automates the functions of the “Woundometer” a patented device used to measure wounds. Using the mobile app, the caregiver photographs the wound. The mobile app then calculates the length and width of the wound. The app also allows the caregiver to mark measurement points in the

photograph and add medical comments to the treatment record. The caregiver can then send the treatment record to a medical professional for further evaluation. The “Woundometer” mobile app is also being patented and provides a model for how mobile technology can be used to provide home healthcare.