What We Do

Elemental Methods provides consulting services focused on three areas: (1) Technology Strategy, (2) Mobile Application Development, and (3) Project Management.

Information Technology Strategy:

Elemental Methods works with large enterprises and small businesses to implement new technologies in conjunction with business process innovation. Many of our clients are searching for new ways to reach new customers and interact with existing customers. They are focused on maximizing return on investment, while integrating new technologies into existing systems. They share our belief that IT projects must return value to the organization. The implementation of new technology must have a positive impact on revenue, efficiency, and/or customer satisfaction.

In the Small/Medium business market segment, Elemental Methods has been involved in the implementation of innovative solutions to enhance the competitive position of our clients. From marketing support applications, to database-driven applications or comprehensive ecommerce systems, the creative implementation of technology can easily level the playing field between small and large companies. Small businesses gain the reach and efficiency of large organizations without the significant investment required in large companies.

Mobile Application Development:

The smartphone is rapidly becoming the primary device used for business communications. This technology is allowing businesses to reach potential and existing customers in a new and innovative way. The Innovation and Application Development practices at Elemental Methods have created a framework for the design, development, and deployment of smartphone applications to support enterprise business processes.

Elemental Methods has developed apps for all of the Apple mobility devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). We have also designed and implemented apps for Android smartphones and tablets. Our development expertise also extends to the BlackBerry platform and Research in Motion (RIM) devices, such as the BlackBerry Smartphone.

Project Management:

At Elemental Methods, we recognize that the difference between success and failure in the implementation of technology and business process innovation is Project Management. The complexity of integrating new software, systems, and/or business processes with existing business environments requires discipline and constant oversight. Our Project Management services incorporate traditional project management techniques, along with newer project management practices, such as Agile Project Management. In all of our engagements, we implement project plans designed to monitor all project activity and communicate project status to our clients.

Elemental Methods recognizes, and stresses, the importance of having trained professionals managing client projects. Many of our Project Managers and Directors are Project Management Professionals (PMP) certified by the Project Management Institute.

Elemental Methods' project managers are trained in the use of manual techniques and automated tools to manage client engagements. The tools, techniques, and methodologies used in each engagement are determined by the complexity of the project, the client's preference for specific tools, and the client's project status reporting requirements.

Elemental Methods believes that businesses can only be successful by providing value for their customers.

Our mission is:

To deliver outstanding client service; to be a positive influence in our community; and to provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our team.

Our goal is to empower small businesses through the application and implementation of technology. We believe that small businesses can provide the outstanding value to their customers cost effectively through technology. Our services and solutions allow those businesses to reach out to new markets, provide new services, and compete more effectively.