"The empires of the future’, Winston Churchill once said, ‘are empires of the mind.’ Those words have never held more weight. Our greatest technological advances come not through physical might, tools, or cash but through intellect and imagination.” 

Jessi Hempel, Beth Kowitt - Fortune Magazine, July 26th, 2010

How do you enhance value creation and speed to market while managing existing products and services?

While the United States is currently rebounding from one of the most serious economic crises in history, many companies view innovation as their "investment of choice" in response to limited market growth.  As traditional product and service growth opportunities mature in advanced economies, companies will seek new revenue and earnings growth from emerging markets, as well as new applications to help meet basic human demands.  Government and commercial initiatives are being introduced to drive innovation in the marketplace.

The expansion of new computing and delivery models, such as Cloud Computing, will be needed to support the pace of design and introduction of new products in the market.  Likewise, the development of new technologies and their incorporation into traditional environments will also create new efficiencies in the marketplace.

Elemental Methods assists clients in moving quickly to support, guide, and, in some cases, lead the implementation of new technologies in the organization.  We understand that development expertise, project management discipline, and close alignment with business strategy will be critical for achieving success in technology innovation.