Elemental Methods Announces Strategic Partnership with BP Logix, award winning BPM solution of choice

The digital transformation underway in virtually every sector is driven by a variety of critical changes in the global business environment. Sure, organizations have always been on the lookout for ways to be more efficient and responsive. But the expectations of today’s customers have risen so far, and so fast, that many a pedigreed and stalwart firm has been left in the dust by upstarts: more agile digital ventures, unburdened by the legacy technology and cultural baggage of their predecessors.

How can you beat these upstarts at their own game?

We have partnered with BP Logix to introduce our clients to Process Director, a critical tool for your company’s digital future. Process Director is a high-productivity, no-code application development platform that enables you to rapidly create and enhance applications in the same way that you already think about your business practices: in terms of activities, people, constraints, and dependencies. Process Director frees you from risky development efforts, massive software investments, and reams of spaghetti code—but its focus is on people and their day-to-day work, not on software. This new, yet familiar, approach enables you to create dynamic digital journeys for your customers, employees and partners without the constraints of traditional application development and procurement. 

Request a demo at mchristopher@elementalmethods.com

Elemental Methods Featured In The U.S. Chamber of Commerce "Small Business Master Class"

Irving, TX - The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with MetLife, welcomed over 200 small business leaders from across the state to the inaugural "Small Business Master Class: Dallas".   Business owners and entrepreneurs engaged with top experts to gain tools, strategies, and best practices to help companies compete successfully in today's rapidly changing economy, as well as hear inspiring stories of success and perseverance. Michael Christopher, Managing Director of Elemental Methods, was one of several local business leaders that shared their stories on how they achieved small business success.

“For Irving, small businesses are very important. They are spearheading and running our global economy,” said Beth Bowman, President and CEO of the Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.

The program provided tips, tools and resources on how to make small businesses successful.  Dallas Cowboys legend Drew Pearson was among the lineup of speakers.

Watch a video of the "Small Business Master Class: Dallas" at: http://ictn.tv/news/06192017-522

Elemental Methods Serves on Blue Ribbon Panel on the Modernization of Fisheries Information Systems

Improving Net Gains - Cover.png

United States fisheries are now among the most sustainable in the world. Yet as commercial fishermen, recreational anglers and seafood businesses work to reap the benefits, outdated information systems and practices are presenting an enduring barrier.

Amidst growing interest in addressing this problem by modernizing our nation's fishery information infrastructure, a coalition of experts came together to make recommendations for change. Michael Christopher of Elemental Methods was a member of the coalition charged with drafting these recommendations to Congress and the Trump Administration. Today our "Fishing Data Innovation Taskforce" is pleased to release "Improving Net Gains", a call to advance data-driven innovation for America's fishing future.

This report reviews progress to date, assesses the experiences of fisheries stakeholders, considers best practices from elsewhere, and makes recommendations for how the National Marine Fisheries Service can work with partners to move us forward. 

You can view and download the report at:  https://fishingnetgains.com

iAngler Tournament System Featured in "Hobie Outdoors Adventures" - Episode 3, "Making Champions - Hobie Bass Open at Kentucky Lake"

iAngler Tournament Systems, sister company of Elemental Methods, is featured in a new episode of "Hobie Outdoor Adventures".  The cloud-based company manages "Catch/Photo/Release" fishing tournaments globally.  The data collected in these tournaments is being provided to researchers and fisheries managers throughout the United States.

Episode 3, "Making Champions - Hobie Bass Open at Kentucky Lake" is about the 2016 Hobie Bass Open and the iAngler Tournament System is featured throughout the video. We're proud to be working again this summer with the Hobie team at the 2017 Hobie Bass Open.

Elemental Methods Announces Technology Support for the CCA Florida STAR Tournament


Irving, Texas, March 15, 2016 – Elemental Methods, LLC announced today its official sponsorship of the Coastal Conservation Association’s (CCA) Florida State-wide Tournament and Angler’s Rodeo (STAR), Florida’s largest fishing tournament. Elemental Methods is a technology sponsor of the CCA Florida STAR Tournament. Elemental Methods will be providing the Cloud, Web, and Mobile technologies used in delivering the 2016 tournament.

Florida STAR is a Catch & Photo tournament designed to educate the general public about the importance of conservation of Florida’s marine resources. The format encourages sportsmen and sportswomen of all ages to protect and conserve Florida’s fishery resources for future viability and availability for all recreational anglers. It is one of the most angler inclusive tournaments in the state of Florida and provides all anglers an opportunity to participate. By participating in STAR, Florida anglers aid in the collection of significant scientific.

“We’re thrilled to be working again with CCA Florida in the delivery of the 2016 STAR,“ said Michael Christopher, Managing Director at Elemental Methods. “While participating in one of Florida’s premier fishing tournaments, anglers provide timely and accurate catch data for research and fisheries management. This information is critical in decisions by fisheries managers to keep fish populations stable.”

The CCA Florida STAR tournament kicks off Saturday, May 28, 2016, Memorial Day weekend, and ends at 5 p.m., September 5, 2016, Labor Day offering participants a total of 101 days of fishing. With nearly $500,000 in prizes and scholarships available, over 7,500 anglers are expected to participate in this year’s tournament.

Specially tagged redfish are the main attraction in the CCA Florida STAR tournament. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and CCA Florida officials will release STAR tagged redfish along the east and west coasts of Florida several days prior to the start of the tournament. For participants, catching one of these redfish could result in winning a boat/motor/trailer package or a new truck. 

Elemental Methods Delivers New Systems for Collection of Red Snapper Catch Data in Texas and Mississippi

Few coastal anglers would argue that there is not a more controversial fishery in the Gulf of Mexico than the Red Snapper fishery. Because of its popularity among recreational anglers and commercial fishers, the snapper population dwindled to alarming levels in the 1980s. This resulted in the implementation of a federal management plan to stop the overfishing. For the last four years, Irving-based Elemental Methods has been developing systems to collect catch data critical to understanding the health and viability of the Red Snapper fishery, along with other saltwater and freshwater fisheries.

In 2011, the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi tapped Irving-based Elemental Methods, LLC to develop a new mobile application and web portal to prove the viability of electronic reporting of fishing catch data by charter and headboat captains. While the fishing vessels were at sea, the catch data was recorded using iPads. When the fishing vessels returned to cellular range, the data was automatically transmitted to a web portal. Using the portal, the captains could edit and update their catch information. On a weekly basis, the data was automatically transmitted to the Gulf of Mexico Fishing Council and the US Commerce Department.

“We piloted the ‘iSnapper’ app during the 2011 season and found it to be overwhelmingly successful,” said Dr. Greg Stunz, Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation Director and HRI Endowed Chair of Fisheries and Ocean Health, “Red snapper represents a vital economic commodity for coastal communities along the Gulf of Mexico and ‘iSnapper’ gives fishery managers a portable application to aid in developing more effective management strategies for rapid recovery and optimization of this important fishery.”

“This is a simple way for anglers to actively participate in data collection — to say, ‘I want to be accountable and provide accurate data. This is what I caught today.’” The iSnapper mobile app is available in app stores now for iOS and Android, and will soon be available on Windows. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and its coastal fisheries leaders and biologists have also partnered with the CSSC on promoting the use of iSnapper by Texas anglers to voluntarily record their Red Snapper catches.

While some states, like Texas, have asked anglers to voluntarily log their Red Snapper catches, the State of Mississippi has taken a different approach. This year, recreational fishermen and captains of for-hire vessels were required to report their Red Snapper harvest landed in Mississippi. The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) selected Elemental Methods to develop the “Tails n’ Scales” system for collecting catch data. 

“The purpose of this electronic reporting system is to provide fishery managers the best available data to ensure Mississippi anglers the most opportunities and greatest flexibility for Red Snapper harvest,” said Matt Hill, director the MDMR’s Finfish Bureau. “The mandatory reporting system will provide for accurate and timely data that will be used for better resource management.” Anglers with smartphones can download the “Tails n’ Scales” mobile app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play. They also can use the website, www.tailsnscales.org.

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council is one of eight regional Fishery Management Councils established by the Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976 to manage fishery resources within the 200-mile limit of the Gulf of Mexico. The council is currently holding a series of public hearings and scoping workshops to discuss and take public comment on three proposed amendments that could change how the Red Snapper fishery is managed. At the same time, a bill has been introduced in Congress that would shift authority from the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Marine Fisheries Service to a state-run management plan supported by the directors of marine fisheries agencies in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

“While oversight of the Red Snapper fishery remains controversial, the catch data collected using systems developed by Elemental Methods will be used by marine biologists and fisheries managers at all levels to help determine the future of the fishery,“ said Michael Christopher, Managing Director at Elemental Methods. “The ability to collect timely and accurate catch data from recreational fishermen is a major challenge to fisheries management. These systems will provide information critical for decisions by federal and state managers to keep fish populations stable and prevent overfishing.”

Elemental Methods’ Subsidiary, iAngler Tournament, Powers New Online Tournament

Angler-Combat-Logo-Horizontal-Outer-Glow 837x156.png

December 1, 2015: iAngler Tournament Systems, a subsidiary of Irving-based Elemental Methods, LLC is providing the scoring software and hosting services for “Angler Combat”

(www.anglercombat.com). Angler Combat is a new online tournament that challenges anglers to catch the five largest bass in 28 days. The tournament is scored according to three divisions – Land, Boat, and Kayak. These divisions are separated into North and South regions in the United States. For $10 each month, an angler can register online to compete against other anglers in his division and region. The angler records each fish caught using the iAngler Tournament mobile application. The iAngler Tournament website keeps track of where each angler stands in the competition.

The tournament is the brain-child of Terry Manley, owner of Manley Rods and host of the Kayak Bass Series tournaments. While he took inspiration from other rolling nationwide tournaments, he is excited that his effort provides live scoring and real-time results. “The key to the tournament is the iAngler Tournament app”, he says.

The iAngler Tournament app allows tournament participants to photograph their catch on a measuring device, then submit the photo and catch information to tournament officials. Standings are updated instantly. “Each angler has a page in the app with their stats displayed like the back of a baseball card,” Manley explains. This allows fans to follow the action and participants to keep an eye on the competition. 

Elemental Methods Develops New System for the CCA FLORIDA STAR TOURNAMENT

CCA STAR Tournament Logo.png

April 16, 2015: The CCA STAR Tournament has been a summertime staple for anglers in Texas and Louisiana for many years, on May 23, anglers in Florida will finally have an opportunity to get in on the action with CCA Florida’s inaugural STAR Tournament.

Thanks to the successful STAR blueprint developed by CCA Texas and Louisiana, Florida has a proven formula, but as Florida’s STAR Tournament Director Leiza Fitzgerald states, Florida is putting its own spin on the tournament.

Like the other STAR tournaments, CCA Florida STAR presented by Yamaha will run from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, for 108 days of competition. By catching one of 80 tagged redfish, anglers could win a new Contender 22 Sport, Pathfinder 2200TRS or Hell’s Bay Waterman. Other division prizes in the CCA Florida STAR will include college scholarships, River Hawk boats, Power Pole shallow water anchors, Costa Sunglasses, Engel coolers, Shimano fishing tackle, marine electronics, Bass Pro Shops, Live Watersports paddle boards & Marathon fuel gift cards – nearly $500,000 worth of prizes in all. Perhaps the most exciting of all, youth anglers are eligible to win a share of $100,000 in scholarships. The Youth Division presented by Bright House Networks includes kids ages 6 to 17 and will award at least 12 college scholarships.

By working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the Florida STAR has added a few unique features of its own, such as the Marathon Petroleum Conservation Division that will help FWC study Florida’s fisheries. FWC’s research arm, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI), is rearing some of the redfish that will be tagged and released on Florida’s west coast in late May. Each fish caught will help further the science of fisheries management and conservation, with the hopes of ultimately improving future hatchery efforts. Conservation is the name of the game, and in the Conservation Division anglers will record and share data about all of their catches to give FWC even more information to better manage the resource.

CCA Florida also worked with the Snook and Gamefish Foundation and its technology partner, Elemental Methods, to create a state-of-the-art smart phone app for the STAR program. Membership application, registration and entering fish can be made right from the dock, boat ramp or boat using the new app. The Catch-and-Photo format is another new twist that allows all fish that are caught to be eligible for prizes.

STAR is a nonprofit tournament focused on attracting people to Florida’s outstanding saltwater resources. It gets families on the water and helps educate all anglers about the importance of conserving and protecting their coastal resources. Last year, Texas, with less than 400 miles of coastline, had 45,000 people fish STAR. By comparison, Florida enjoys more than 1,300 miles of coastline and boasts more than 1.2 million licensed saltwater anglers. With numbers like that, CCA Florida hopes to reach thousands of new anglers every year through the STAR Tournament.

“This tournament represents the most exciting opportunity in our history to educate the public about Florida’s marine resources and how we can best preserve the future for our children,” said CCA Florida Chairman Bill Camp. 

Elemental Methods, LLC of Irving, TX Named U.S. Chamber Blue Ribbon Small Business Award Winner


WASHINGTON, D.C.—The U.S. Chamber of Commerce today announced Elemental Methods, LLC of Irving, Texas, as a winner in its annual Blue Ribbon Small Business Awards®, a program that recognizes companies for their success and innovation and for their contributions to economic growth and free enterprise. Elemental Methods was selected from a record number of applicants from communities across the nation for demonstrating exceptional business practices in areas including strategic planning, employee development, community involvement, and customer service.

“While our economy still struggles to reach its full potential, small businesses like our Blue Ribbon Award winners have continued to act as examples of the resilience, ingenuity, and opportunity at work in the free enterprise system,” U.S. Chamber President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue said. “Times can be tough, but these businesses have proven that they can be too. And by taking risks, watching out for their employees, and giving back to their communities, they’ve shown that success is achievable.”


The Chamber will announce seven regional finalists from among this year’s Blue Ribbon Small Business Award® winners on March 18 and honor all of this year’s winners at the 11th annual America’s Small Business Summit, taking place June 8 – 10 in Washington, D.C. During the summit, one regional finalist will receive the DREAM BIG Small Business of the Year Award, sponsored by Sam’s Club®, and a $10,000 cash prize courtesy of the U.S. Chamber.

All Blue Ribbon Small Business Award® winners are also eligible for the Community Excellence Award, which recognizes one business that has found notable success in the eyes of its community. The winner will be decided through online public voting between February 19 and March 4.

“Starting and growing a business can be a risky endeavor, but these small businesses have proven that with risk, comes reward,” Donohue continued. “Through hard work and innovation, they’re impacting their communities, contributing to economic growth, and creating jobs. And the Chamber is proud to recognize them for their achievements.”

A complete list of this year’s Blue Ribbon Small Business Award® winners is available here.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations.