"The spirit of an organization is created from the top."

 Peter Drucker

Are your People aligned with the objectives of your business?

Your most important asset in any effort will always be your people. In Information Technology, where the collaboration and communication skills are considered equally as important as technical strengths, getting the right people to the right place at the right time is absolutely critical.

During the recent recession, many companies were forced to make difficult decisions about the most efficient use of their assets - including their human assets.  The shift to defensive strategies left many companies dealing with the impact of staff reductions, wage freezes, and the devalued employee incentives.  Some companies used the economic crisis to redesign roles and responsibilities to improve cooperation among functions and reduce duplication of effort.  These companies discovered that employees were more satisfied and more productive in a collaborative workplace.

Leadership is critical in managing the transition.

The difference between Leaders and Managers is that Leaders focus on getting the right things done. Managers focus on getting things done the right way.