"To achieve sustainable competitiveness for the new era of global always-on commerce, the enterprise and its systems, practices, incentives, and culture have to be structured around both speed and leverage - not one at the expense of the other."

“Blind Spot”, Charlie Feld

How does IT manage operations and are they perceived as a trusted advisor and partner to your business?

Business operations improvement practices enable lowering of operating costs and total cost of ownership (TCO), while improving the quality of services delivered and business operational process transparencies. These improvement practices assure operational compliance or the correct application of frameworks, such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library v.3 (ITIL) and ISO 20000 for delivery and support processes, and Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (CobiT) to improve the governance of the targeted business operation.

The imperative to align to a business-value-focused strategy is obvious to many operations managers; however, the task is difficult without practices that drive collaboration, process excellence and the appropriate amount of standardization needed to reduce IT complexity.  Our business operations improvement expertise encompass a wide array of consulting services offerings, such as benchmarking, certifications, performance assessments, process improvements, engineering and re-engineering of processes, skill enhancement and the application of software and technologies.  These tools are critical for success in optimizing operating costs and business agility.