Elemental Methods Announces Strategic Partnership with BP Logix, award winning BPM solution of choice

The digital transformation underway in virtually every sector is driven by a variety of critical changes in the global business environment. Sure, organizations have always been on the lookout for ways to be more efficient and responsive. But the expectations of today’s customers have risen so far, and so fast, that many a pedigreed and stalwart firm has been left in the dust by upstarts: more agile digital ventures, unburdened by the legacy technology and cultural baggage of their predecessors.

How can you beat these upstarts at their own game?

We have partnered with BP Logix to introduce our clients to Process Director, a critical tool for your company’s digital future. Process Director is a high-productivity, no-code application development platform that enables you to rapidly create and enhance applications in the same way that you already think about your business practices: in terms of activities, people, constraints, and dependencies. Process Director frees you from risky development efforts, massive software investments, and reams of spaghetti code—but its focus is on people and their day-to-day work, not on software. This new, yet familiar, approach enables you to create dynamic digital journeys for your customers, employees and partners without the constraints of traditional application development and procurement. 

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