The Elemental Method

Our methodology, the "Elemental Method", clearly and uniformly represents the eight crucial factors or "elements" which must be considered, aligned, and tightly interwoven for modern businesses to successfully match increasing demand for innovation while achieving core business and technology objectives. 

By taking advantage of our vast library of framework best practices and leveraging repeatable technology patterns, clients can design and implement solutions faster, at lower cost, and with less risk.  The framework delivers time-tested business and technology value while maintaining several provisions for continuous improvement and ongoing enhancement. This allows many of our clients to experiment with next practices while maintaining a lower risk profile within their core technology portfolio

The delivery of services within each and/or all of these elements includes the creation and delivery of the following:

  • Diagnostic Tools and Measurements

  • Analysis and Assessment Results

  • Strategic Blueprint and/or Implementation Roadmap

  • Implementation Oversight and/or Executive Program Oversight